Can we design technology that makes people happier in a sustainable way?

At RIT, we are addressing this key research question. Our research is based on trying to develop Artificial Intelligence techniques that are inspired by the findings of Positive Psychology.

The first embodiment of our research is an application called Joybot that enables users to journal their happy moments. However, unlike paper journals, Joybot will analyze the user’s text using Natural Language Processing techniques. Initially, the results of the analysis will be visualizations of the user’s happy moments and the activities and people involved. Ultimately, we want Joybot to give the user recommendations for activities that are appropriate for their current time and location.




You journal your happy moments so that you can reflect on them in the future. Reflecting on happy moments provides sustainable happiness based on the findings of the science of happiness.



This pie chart displays your categorized happy moments and the common keywords that are specific to the categories: Affection, Exercise, Bonding, Leisure, Achievement, Nature, Enjoy the Moment.



This line chart shows the people you mention in your happy moments mapped over a period of time.


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