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Jo is a smart journal

Enter your daily experiences and relate them to your core values. 


Jo is a smart journaling app that lets you relate your daily experiences to the values you hold important, and thereby promotes your well-being. Unlike paper journals, Jo analyzes your content using Natural Language Processing techniques and tags your journal entries with the important people and values that you pre-select. Jo will also allow you to track how significant each experience is to you.


Ultimately, we want Jo to guide you to pursue activities and goals that align with your values, create a sense of purpose, and make you happier in the process.



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Have you ever wondered if what you're doing every day aligns with what you consider important?


Studies have shown that acknowledging our core values is highly connected to our well-being.


With Jo you select a number of values that you want to track in your daily activities. Values are a set of principles an individual holds at one’s core. For instance, a person who prioritizes the value of “Family”, will aspire to spend more time and create more experiences with family members. A value is different from a goal: a goal gets achieved, while a value is a set of ongoing principles.


Tell Jo your memorable moments the same way you would write a journal. Let Jo relate your experience to your values. 


As you journal about your life, Jo suggests tags that are best suited for the moment. You can edit or add tags. You can also specify the significance level of the moment.



See how your daily activities contribute to the values you selected. Use the visuals reflect on your activities and to guide your actions. 


Use the values tab to guide your actions. More opaque circles indicate a higher frequency of value contribution. Values that are closer to the top have been mentioned more recently. 



View past moments by tags or by significance level.



To improve your well-being, try do more of the high significance moments that you have the availability to do more frequently.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.35.10 AM.png

Track your weekly or monthly progress.  


The shades reflect the average significance of the moments. The height of the bar reflects the number of moments you entered on a given day..

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Happiness Research


Research in the field of Positive Psychology has revealed that promoting positive emotions through your life experiences improves your quality of life. Finding a purpose and meaning in our activities is an important aspect of increasing well-being and is the key to lead a more meaningful life.  


When we become more aware of our values and core beliefs, we give better context and meaning to our daily activities. By doing so, we will diminish the possible gap we might experience between our daily activities and our values, and develop a sense of direction in our lives. A sense of purpose and meaning begins to grow and we feel that what we do is valuable and worthwhile.


If you'd like to learn more about positive psychology and well-being in general, follow Jo's blog when it becomes live in December!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sometimes Jo suggests wrong tags, is there something wrong? What should I do?

Jo makes educated guesses about which tags to suggest depending on the content of the journal. Each person is unique and might have different definitions when it comes to the values. As you write more and more journals, Jo learns valuable information about you and your preferences when it comes to tagging. Over time Jo will become better at tag suggestions. In the mean time, feel free to delete any tag suggestion you feel are inappropriate, and add the ones you feel better represent your moment.


  • Who do I contact if I am experiencing a problem with my account?

We are sorry you are experiencing problems! Please send us an email at jo.app@recruit.ai and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


  • How do I delete my account?

We are sorry you are leaving! Please send us an email at jo.app@recruit.ai with your name, and we will delete your account for you. We would love to know about the reason why you chose to delete your Jo account.


  • How did you choose the values in the app?

Together with an expert psychologist in the field, and the research behind Positive Psychology we arrived at a set of values that are important to people, and are crucial for well-being and personal growth. You can read more about the research under the Happiness Research section.



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